Inside focus - How we enable working families to 'Thrive'

Inside Infrastructure believes that supporting our workers with caring for their families brings valuable benefits to the workplace. It supports our staffs ability to adapt to their life as parents, whilst also retaining their career, increasing their confidence regarding job security and building resilience. In addition, and on a business/personnel prospective, it contributes to greater knowledge by increasing retention and reducing the time taken to train new staff.


Employees at Inside infrastructure feel comfortable knowing that they will be supported with flexible working arrangements and that we will assist in the development of a career plan to achieve professional goals whilst also managing life at both work and at home.  

Our pregnant and return to work mothers and care giving/working fathers are fully supported by mechanism and programs to ensure that they have a resource 'tool kit' that enables them to ‘Thrive’ as parents. 

Programs, webinars and workshops include:

  • Pregnancy & parental leave workshop
  • Juggling expectations at home and at work
  • Designing your life
  • Flex & Fathers
  • Switching off to get ahead
  • Work travel and thrive
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That’s why Inside Infrastructure are thrilled to be corporate partners to Diversity Inclusion.

For more information refer to the following links for up-and-coming ‘Thrive’ programs‘ offered by Diversity Inclusion