2017 AWA Award Nomination.

Inside Infrastructure is proud to announce the pivotal role we have played in securing funding for a key priority project for the local South Australian North Adelaide Plains Region. Led by Matthew Baines, Inside Infrastructure has delivered a successful Business Case to the Commonwealth Government that has secured critical funding vital to creating new green employment opportunities including a high-tech, high-value intensive food production industry,  mitigating the impact of 1,500 job losses following the closure of Holden's Adelaide manufacturing plant.

An initiative proposed by PIRSA and SA Water, the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS) Business Case is only project that has been successful in obtaining the first round of federal funding through the Australian Governments National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. The $45.6 Million in capital funding, together with $110 Million of investment by the South Australian Government ($155.6 Million in total), will be used to create and upgrade new infrastructure to supply an additional 12 GL per year of recycled water suitable for irrigation purposes.

The scheme’s focus is by helping South Australia to become a competitive player in the export market by transforming the region into the national leader in intensive, high-tech food production as well as drive employment growth. Fundamentally, it is a key element of the state’s plan of becoming a Premium Food and Wine Region, with produce grown in a clean and sustainable environment and exported to the world.

Inside Infrastructure are delighted to be part of such a critical South Australian project and proud to support the 2017 AWA Award nomination.

Media Release 17th of August 2017 - $45.6 million for job-creating water infrastructure for Northern Adelaide