Inside Infrastructure celebrates the epic career of Lindsay Doherty

Lindsay Doherty has been working in South Australia’s water industry since the late 1950’s. Since then he has worked on many of our states major water infrastructure projects such as the Myponga Reservoir, Swan Reach/Stockwell pipeline, Kangaroo Creek Dam and the North South Interconnection System Project completed in early 2013.

It was fantastic to formally acknowledge Lindsay’s contribution to the water industry with over 50 family, friends and colleagues at a recent cocktail function in the Circulating Library (SA State Library).

We would take the opportunity to thank Dick Good, Andy Parsons, Borvin Kracman, Colin Bell and his son Kevin Doherty for delivering wonderful speeches giving great insight to the extent of Lindsay’s professional work, academic contribution and family life. Also thanks to David Wilkins for sending in a 'Telegram'.

 Some of the speech highlights included:

 “We recognise Lindsay as a giant in our industry – as much for his technical knowledge (which he selflessly shares) and the fact that Lindsay is pretty much the nicest bloke I have come across.” 

                                                                        Chris Hewitson


 “I learnt more about big pipes, concrete and dirt from you in one project than any engineer should…. your ability to surreptitiously enthuse and impart knowledge so clearly, is an art.”

                                                                                    David Wilkins (via e-mail)

Follow the link below for information on the career of Lindsay Doherty.

Lindsay Doherty's Timeline


Lindsay Doherty

Lindsay Doherty