Inside Infrastructure is privileged to be awarded the Fast Movers 2013 Runner Up -  finishing second to VinoMofo out of the 25 finalists.

Congratulations to VinoMofo as they continue to challenge traditional markets in the world of online wine retail. 

Craig and I would like to thank our team for their role in achieving strong success over our first three years and our Clients for their support in establishing our business, brand and for trusting us to support them. We are enjoying building a talented, diverse and vibrant team and creating a fun and rewarding place to work.  

The past 18 months has been a challenging environment for business and you do not have to look too far across any of our industries to get some perspective on the risks taken to enable the finalists to achieve strong financial success and growth - so congratulations to all 25 of the Fast Mover 2013 finalists.  

Thank you also to In-Business and award sponsors for hosting today’s awards.

Chris Hewitson

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