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Our Expertise

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Inside Infrastructure is a leading provider of strategic planning, reviews, organisational improvement, project management and change management services. We have partnered with our clients in over 400 project across Australia in the last 9 years.

At Inside Infrastructure, we bridge the gap between strategy and delivery with experience across a variety of sectors to offer tangible and practical solutions.

We have recently launched our Advisory Services group and have key resources with expertise in portfolio, program and project management, change management and business process advisory.

Our team is growing and our capabilities are increasing to meet market demand and will continue to improve in the medium term. We now have offices in Adelaide and Geelong, with our newest office located in Brisbane.

Our People

Our team has complimentary skills that deliver better services when combined than individually.


We are qualified and experienced professionals who use their transferable skills for your benefit.


We are empowered to act independently for clients and have access to broader experience and skills within Inside Infrastructure. Our people will always behave professionally and act ethically.


As individuals we are motivated to learn and improve ourselves by developing skills, proactively seeking help when needed and participating in our professional community.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Feasibility studies

Business cases

Organisational Improvement

Portfolio management

Increase organisational capacity

Strategic Reviews

Project gateway reviews

Benefits realisation

Lessons learnt reviews

Program/Project Management

Project management

Program management

Project recovery

Risk management

Procurement and contract management

Change Management

Organisational change management

Business process advisory

project management, business transformation and process improvement continue to be the most commonly requested consultancy services in Australia